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About Celine Mircro Luggage

When a newly revitalized replica Céline mirco debuted the Luggage Tote in 2010 under the direction of industry heavyweight Phoebe Philo, it wasn’t immediately clear that the design would turn into the industry-altering heavyweight that it has. At first, the bag was relatively easily available in the stores of shelves that had carried the brand before its relaunch, and you could even buy it online. Then, everything changed.

It’s impossible to pinpoint exactly where the tipping point occurred, but the first time I remember really taking notice of the replica Celine Luggage Tote, it was on the arm of an Olsen twin. The right moment of exposure from the right celebrity at the exact right time can change everything for a bag’s popularity, and soon after, the bags disappeared from online retailers and long waitlists replaced in-store stock.

In the intervening seasons, certain sizes have been discontinued and others introduced, prices have nearly doubled and new materials and colors abound. Because replica Céline bags is very cloak-and-dagger about all its products, we’ve assembled all the information on current sizes, prices, colors and leathers that we could for Spring 2017. We’ve surely missed some things, so if you have additional intel, leave it in the comments and we’ll investigate and update as needed. In particular, we need all the intel you have on the large Phantom –information on its pricing and availability is extremely scarce.

celine micro luggage tote price 2017

Celine Bag Prices Price USD Price EU Price GBP
Celine Mini Luggage Bag in Calfskin $3400 €2400 £2200
Celine Medium Cabas Phantom Bag in Calfskin $1850 €1300 £1200
Celine Large Trio Pouch in Lambskin $1150 €780 £720
Celine Small Trapeze in Calfskin $2700 €1900 £1750
Celine Medium Classic Box Bag in Calfskin $4350 €3100 £2850
Celine Medium Trotteur Bag in Calfskin $2650 €1800 £1650

I first laid eyes on the Micro Luggage tote in Paris 2015. 2015 was the year, in my opinion, were the Celine Luggage became the IT bag! As seen on all the Kardashians, this bag was classy yet so chic! I saw this bag in-store and knew this was the bag I wanted! When I smelt the leather and touched the interior I was SOLD!

I purchased this bag in Paris, the store off Ave Champs-Élysées, the sales assistant named Arnaud Quercy assisted me, we were greeted as we walked into Celine and were offered a drink (the usual), this was a big purchase for me so having my boyfriend with me to help make a decision was a big help. Arnaud showed me the bag in smooth and grained leather, and also let me inspect 4 of them prior to buying as a few had minor flaws. Overall my transaction was pleasant and I was an owner of a new micro luggage! Happy days.

Here are some photos of my Micro Luggage I think it’s the perfect size for myself, I’m 160cm tall and very petite. This bag fits everything that I need one my daily life and also is great for traveling, I’ve always brought it to London, Singapore and Vietnam, it fits underneath the chairs when traveling economy class on planes and fits everything!!! I mean EVERYTHING! (sanitary wipes, dental, phone, travel wallet, passport, water bottle, iPad, beats by DRE headphones, small makeup bag).

The quality of this bag is amazing, I purchased grained leather as it was my intention for this to be my everyday bag, grained leather is more durable and “IF” it were to scratch it’ll be less noticeable. The interior is the suede material which feels very luxurious, I hate when bags come with canvas interiors.. especially when you’re paying thousands of dollars!!! When I bought her, she came in a dust bag and a shopping bag also cares cards inside the bag and the tag.

I have read reviews and forums that people in the past have bought this bag for cheaper than what it is now, but I will still not fault this bag. I will definitely re-buy another Celine Luggage Tote, as I believe their quality is durable and amazing! I’ve attached a photo below for you to see what the bag looks like on me. I am 160cm.

There are different sizes, textures, and colors in the Celine Luggage so please be aware of all the variables when you purchase your own. Consider your height, what you carry on a daily basis and what the bag would be used for. I chose to purchase black and that is a neutral color and will go with everything, however, I also wanted to purchase a yellow one. Below is a picture of the sizing of the Luggage tote:

and above a picture of my Micro Celine next to my YSL Baby Sac de Jour.

In regards to how I take care of my bag, I just store Celine away into her dust bag when I’m done wearing her for the day or week, I don’t really take care of her because she’s very durable, she has 4 studs on the bottom of the bag which is good for putting onto things so that the leather doesn’t get scratched! I never stuff the bag either and it’s held its shape well, hasn’t dropped and hope it doesn’t ever!!!


It comes in different sizes, textures, and colours (you have variety)
It is good sized even when you buy the small ones, you don’t lose any storage space as it opens well
Not a lot of girls in Australia have these, unique!
I’ve never stuffed it and it hasn’t lost its shape (it’s been nearly a year)
Great for traveling

There was a huge price jump when Celine bags started to be in demand
There is no shoulder strap for the Micro size and any size larger than Nano.I dislike bags without the cross body option

Overall, this bag is one of my favorite bags. I don’t think I would ever sell her and I’d definitely repurchase from Celine. Even though I know there was a big price increase over the past few years, I still think the Celine Luggage tote is worth its price tag. When you smell and feel the leather, it just feels like 100% quality. I love this bag and I know that if you’re researching into buying it, you should and you will absolutely love it! I can’t wait for my next Celine purchase, tossing between the belt bag or another Luggage tote in beige or white!

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